You’re the expert in your sport. Our expertise is helping you and your athletes develop a winning orientation with skills and perspectives based on the latest research in motivation, attention, goal-setting, group dynamics, and optimal performance.

True Competition can facilitate top athletic performance, enhance character development, and increase enjoyment and satisfaction. Not only can your athletes improve on the court, field, track, or pool, the can gain valuable insights and skills that will be useful to them throughout life.

We currently offer two workshops designed specifically for coaches:

Becoming Champions I (4 Hrs.)

This is our introductory workshop. It provides the basic knowledge and skills to build a sport team that maximizes excellence, ethics, and enjoyment. The workshop balances information delivery with hands-on experience. You’ll come away with a truckload of practical, yet research-based strategies for both optimizing performance and building a positive, supportive team climate. Whether you’ve been coaching for 30 days or 30 years, you’ll find new ideas that you can use immediately.

Partial List of Topics:

  • The goals of competition
  • Common myths about coaching and how to overcome them
  • Tapping the most powerful motivations
  • Enjoyment: How to bring fun and hard work together
  • Building team chemistry (even in individual sports)
  • The importance of clear and shared values
  • Winning the “mental skills” game

Becoming Champions II (4 Hrs.)
This is our more advanced workshop which delves more deeply into how to communicate and build the mental skills necessary for top-level athletic performance.

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