Our founder in action!

Our founder in action!

Unleash Your Best Effort

TrueCompetition.Org offers a variety of workshops and consultation services for coaches, sport administrators, teachers and principals, all designed to help participants:

Stay Positive and Focused

By setting the right kinds of goals and drawing from the most potent forms of motivation, competitors can learn to stay positive and focused, even under adverse conditions.

Reduce Anxiety

There are many sources of anxiety in competitive situations and some stress is a good thing.  We help you learn powerful techniques to manage your stress and anxiety so that you can maintain optimal performance and a lasting sense of enjoyment.

Learn from Mistakes

When the goal is excellence–and not merely victory–then mistakes become invaluable learning tools, which advance our understanding and abilities.

Sustain Enthusiasm

High enthusiasm is not only fun, it is the parent of great effort.  Learn the keys to building a peer culture of enthusiasm.

Enhance Teamwork

Teamwork is an outcome of mutual respect, shared commitments, and deep appreciation for everyone’s contribution.  Unfortunately, team chemistry is fragile and alert leaders need to know the key ingredients and strategies for creating a dynamic and supportive team environment.

Build on Core Values

Our “ethics to excellence” approach helps athletes play with purpose and dedication, rooted in core values and sustained by a lasting vision.  Striving with others to achieve personal excellence helps to foster cooperation, understanding, and mutual respect between opponents, teammates, coaches, and officials.

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