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This is my first post so let me take just a moment to share with you what we’ll be talking about here. The theme for this blog is – competition. This means we’ll be talking about lots of different things – sports, politics, business, love. Competition is everywhere.

Here’s what I’m most interested in and what I hope you will explore with me: Competition is sometimes beneficial, enjoyable, productive, and energizing. At other times, it leads to dishonesty, corruption, anger, antagonism, cheating, and so on. So the question is this: How can we make competition beneficial rather than detrimental?

It my view, there are two fundamentally different ways to think about and approach competitive situations. One of these is consistent with the original meaning of the word (competition literally means “to strive with”), and so I call it “true competition.” This is competition in which those who are competing recognize the “greater good” served by the contest. It is competition that pushes everyone to excel and reach for excellence. This kind of competition – though tough, demanding and strenuous – is ultimately satisfying and enjoyable.

The “striving with” that is at the heart of true competition is distorted when people simply see the contest as “striving against.” This kind of contesting is reduced to a struggle for supremacy. It is simply about ego and reward. True, all competition involves winners and losers, and we would all rather win. But when victory is more important than excellence; when triumph is all that matters, than the reason for competing in the first place is sacrificed to self-aggrandizement. Since this kind of competing deviates from the original meaning of the word, I prefer to call it decompetition.

My contention is that true competition leads to the positive outcomes, while decompetition invariably leads to a host of problems. I’ve explored these issues in some depth in our book True Competition: A Guide to Pursuing Excellence in Sport and Society. So let’s start a conversation. What do you think about competition? I’ll often refer to readers comments in my blog posts.

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  1. I am enjoying my education in true competition

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