About Us


Who are we?


TrueCompetition.Org is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing the insights, skills, and approaches necessary to reclaim competition as a place of excellence, ethics, and enjoyment.


Our work is built on the well-documented insight that a firm commitment to ethics, including a sense of purpose, propels maximum performance, productivity, and accomplishment. Whether the setting is sports, school, or the workplace, our ethics-to-excellence approach builds teamwork and inspires results, while nurturing a positive climate for competition.


If you are a coach, an athlete, a teacher, a manager, a parent or an entrepreneur, TrueCompetition.Org can help you maximize the benefits of every competitive encounter.


Overcoming the Paradox of Competition


Most people participate in competition everyday – on the playing field, in the classroom or workplace, and even in the home. Oddly, competition has been linked to some of the most positive qualities of human experience and also to some of the most negative. Perhaps you’ve experienced both.


At its best, competition can promote high performance and productivity. It can increase efficiency. And it can enhance enjoyment and enthusiasm. At other times, competition tends to degenerate. It becomes the reason why people lie, cheat, or act disrespectfully toward others. Just skim any newspaper (both the sports section and the business section) and you’re likely to find multiple examples of competition leading to corruption or hostility, sometimes even outright aggression. Can we have one without the other? Can we maximize top performance and enjoyment, while avoiding the negatives?


We believe so. But it won’t happen without a clear “concept map” of competition and a key set of research-based strategies. That’s where TrueCompetition.Org comes in. Based on decades of research, as well as wisdom gleaned from practice, we provide thoroughly tested ideas for helping you get the most from competition while avoiding its many pitfalls.


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